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On hold
20. December 2012
Just want to give some info on this project. Its currently on hold because of the contest at FBGD, but I have made some progr...

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On hold
21:31 - 20. December 2012 by: Jonge

Just want to give some info on this project. Its currently on hold because of the contest at FBGD, but I have made some progress since the last demo. You can now score points by putting together more then 50 blocks, and you get a bonus for extra blocks.

Next step will be some special blocks with some special abilities.

Some progress
8:35 - 23. September 2012 by: Jonge

I'm closing in on a new demo that actually shows a playable game.

I'm currently working on code to manage the play field. Things like counting the number of blocks in each chunk, and also removing them from the field when 50 pieces or more is reached. Have also added a small "shaking" animation when the blocks hit the ground, or when there is a finished chunck of pieces removed from the field.

A new demo will be out when the code for counting points is finshed.

21:00 - 24. July 2012 by: Jonge

Ahh feels good to finally find the memory bug thats been haunting me the past few days.. And such a easy fix, it always is =)

I have kept working on this project even though I thought I didn't want to work on it for awhile =) The game is finally starting to be fun to play(and thats pretty important for a game, heh).

I have changed the game rules a bit, so I need to update the code to reflect this. The original way of the game was to create a complete line of blocks like in Tetris, but now it will be to connect X number of blocks. The more blocks you manage to connect in the last drop of a piece, the more points you will get. I also have in mind a block that will connect different colored blocks on the field. This will make it possible to get huge number of bonus points if you manage your puzzle well.

It's still alive
9:58 - 17. July 2012 by: Jonge

This project is not dead, and I've made some progress lately.

The game now controls with the mouse to make it more gameplay friendly. I also have some ideas for some special blocks that will add more variety to the gameplay.

No new demo yet, will have to wait until I've some more to show.

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