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On hold
20. December 2012
Just want to give some info on this project. Its currently on hold because of the contest at FBGD, but I have made some progr...

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This is a Tetris inspired game, but with an isometric perspective. It also plays a bit like Bubble Breaker where blocks connected to the full row/column also will be removed from the playing field.

This game uses a little game library that I'm working on, which use a height/depth map to draw sprites correctly in front or behind the rest of the graphics on the screen. This is all done by the CPU so the library is really not the best choice for games in a higher resolution then 320x240x32Bit. Becase of this you should have a 1.5ghz or better CPU to play this game(Yes I'm a bit embarrassed to say that.. ).

- Mine (s0tsvart)
- FreeBasic Dev team for the great FreeBasic compiler project
- Ketil0 and the FBedit team for a great userfriendly IDE
- yetifoot for FBpng used for loading png images

- Brick Mayhem - Demo 1, Win32 32Bit MS Windows executable made using FreeBasic V0.18.3
- Brick Mayhem - Demo 2, Win32 32Bit MS Windows executable made using FreeBasic V0.24

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