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A simple shooter game, where you blast away different boy band members.
Shoot all the members of NSYNC, A1, Westlife and Backstreerboys.

Note: I've not been able to play this game on my own computer with Windows XP. The game runs, but theres only garbage on the screen. It used to run on my old computer so it might work for you.

Game Code

Game Graphics
-Drawn GFX: Jonge
-Real GFX: found on the internet

-Mean Rabbit, www.MeanRabbit.com

The Future Library
-Michael Rye Sorensen
-Jorden Chamid
-Future Software, www.qb45.com

Direct Sound 4 QB 2
-David Schnur
-AetherSoft, aethersoft.qb45.com

- BoyBand BloodBath v1.0, Dos16 16Bit MSDOS program. Made using QuickBasic v4.5, includes source code and compiled executable.

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