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Code & Game related links
Jocke The Beast A site with lots of good freeware RPGs.
Qbasic/Quickbasic News A QBasic/FreeBasic news site.
Game Developers Refuge A forum for Computer/Console game discussion.
Pixelation A forum for pixel'ed graphics art discussion.
Phat Code The home of Plasma's projects and stuff he has collected. This is also the home of FlatForum.
FreeBASIC Games Directory A list of (almost) all games made with FreeBasic.

Computer tool related links
FreeBasic A free open source Basic compiler.
FBIde The official FreeBasic ide.
FireFox Free, fast and my favorite internet browser.
FBedit An excellent FreeBasic editor for Windows.
QB64 The homepage of the QuickBasic compatibel QB64 compiler project.

Music related links
Windir Was an exelent norwegian folk/black metal, RIP Valfar.
Vreid The guys from Windir started this band when the singer and founder of Windir died.
Immortal My favorite Black Metal band.
Dimmu Borgir Good symphonic black metal band.

FreeBasic Games Directory

FreeBasic Compiler Project
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